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Wattle Hill Care provides all residents with the opportunity to be involved in an extensive range of activities, and everyone is encouraged to continue to keep connected to the community.

You can also arrange to have the daily newspapers delivered to your door. There are also free local newspapers delivered each Tuesday and Wednesday, with news of the local area and South West region.

There is a monthly newsletter distributed to all residents at Wattle Hill Care which provides information pertaining to details associated with various functions and activities (includes Activity Planner). The Rose Community Centre is the heart of the Village, a marvellous meeting place for residents and guests to enjoy.

Welcome to the Wattle Hill Board of Management, where leadership meets vision. Our board consists of dedicated professionals committed to guiding Wattle Hill towards its strategic objectives and sustainable growth. The board comprises of local community members with a wide range of knowledge, skills and business experience. Each bringing unique insights and expertise to the table, as they collectively navigate the complex and often challenging business that services older Australians. Our diverse team brings together a wealth of expertise, passion, and commitment to excellence. The Board is the heart of Wattle Hill’s governance and as such take their responsibilities very seriously. Get to know the people behind our strategic decisions and discover what drives each member to contribute to our shared goals. Each of the Board members live locally and collectively have served the Bunbury community in a variety of voluntary roles.

Frank Zanotti as the Chairman of the Board Frank brings to the table extensive knowledge
and experience gained over a number of years in the finance industry. He is an active
member of a variety of local community groups and various service clubs.

David Dorsett-Lynn as the Deputy Chairman with a long term relationship with the facility
spanning over 10 years. David is a local business man who has been involved with the South
West community for many years having supported and sponsored many community events.

Ray Lewis a long term Bunbury resident and retired business owner he has served over 10
years on the Board and has provided leadership of the organisation as a previous Chairman.
Linked with his association with a number of community based organisations in the Bunbury
area he is able to bring his governance knowledge to support the strategic direction of the

Maureen Myers a retired health professional who has resided in Bunbury for over 40 years.
As a long serving member of the Board with over 10 years of dedicated membership
Maureen worked for many years as a registered nurse and her expertise reminds the
membership of the need to ensure clinical governance as well as fiscal governance remains
a high priority for the Board.

Kay Pover plays a vital role on the Board as she is the resident’s representative for the past
15 pus years. Her role is one of advocacy for residents and she has gained extensive insight
into the issues and challenges faced within the Aged Care industry having observed the ever
changing landscape of Aged Care requirements both within the Wattle Hill Care senior’s
community, and the broader South West.

Rowland Blades joined the Board in 2014 and offered it specific knowledge and expertise in
community development and contract management. An ex-state government employee
with over 30 years of experience he is able to provide expertise in the area of contract
management and property development.

Roger Veen is a long time Bunbury resident and has an established architectural business.
Having been actively involved in 2 other local not for profit boards of management his
experiences and expertise is valued. Additionally, his professional background provides the
Board with critical expertise in the area of future proofing our existing facilities to ensure
that residents are able to live in an environment that is compliant with building codes and
standards whilst ensuring that it provides a homely and appropriate place to live.

Joan Robinson is a retired enrolled nurse who is a long term resident of the Bunbury area.
Joan’s knowledge and skills complement those of the other members of the Board by being
able to offer a perspective on service delivery that offers a more practical approach to
nursing. Joan has a specific interest in ensuring that our services are both appropriate and
clinically sound whilst ensuring that we are able to maintain a homelike environment

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